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GreenFriends Europe

Through the power of individual acts of love and prayer, every person has the potential to play a vital role in restoring the lost harmony between humanity and Nature. As "GreenFriends," people practise meditation, plant trees, conserve natural resources in daily life and participate in projects that promote environmental awareness.



GreenFriends Australia

We are all connected and we are all part of the one ecological system.  If the earth becomes sick so shall we, consequentially a healthy planet will in turn be able to provide an abundance for us.



GreenFriends Ireland

GreenFriends™ Ireland has been given long-term access to an acre of land with the aim of coming together both to learn and to share with others our knowledge of how to grow organic vegetables, medicinal herbs and trees.


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GreenFriends England

Join one of the UK’s biggest-ever seed sowing campaigns and help to create over one million square metres of wild flowers in spring 2015.


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GreenFriends Holland

GreenFriends Holland would like to expand the number of its activities and is therefore looking for people who would like to dedicate their time to our cause and have a talent for organizing (or implementing).


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GreenFriends India

GreenFriends was built upon the ethos that it is our dharma to take care of Nature because of the simple reason that she is in fact our true mother. GreenFriends feel this understanding to be essential in re-establishing the lost harmony between man and Nature, as well as between fellow human beings.


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