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Amma Shop - Children's Book Reviews

As we enter the holiday season, you may be looking for something to share with the young children in your life. The Amma Shop carries two illustrated children’s stories as told by Amma. These stories convey beautiful lessons from Mother Nature. 

The Circle of Giving

In The Circle of Giving, Ramu and his friends go to play at the river. While they are playing, they notice the beauty of nature all around them and find their own ways to contribute to others. The bright colorful illustrations animate all the animals and plants and show our unity with nature.

Amma says “Nature is an indispensable part of life on Earth. Everything relies on nature to live. We are not different from nature; we are an interdependent part of it. Our lives depend on the well-being of the whole. Therefore, it is one of our foremost duties to lovingly care for all living things.”

The children discover that giving selflessly comes full circle; the seeds they plant now will blossom and bring joy to all.


Trenching for the Bamboo Control Project

In The Fire, The Crane & The Help That Came, an old crane feels too tired to fly away searching for food; he decides to stay behind with the baby cranes. What will he do when he notices a fire start nearby? Despite his limitations, the crane learns about the power of self-effort and unified action. The painterly illustrations highlight the beauty of the forest and the many birds that come to the crane’s assistance.

Amma says “You may wonder, ‘How can this dense darkness be removed if I light this tiny lamp?’ If each one of us lights a small lamp, the strength of the light will multiply and everything can be illumined.

The crane and the reader discover that if we each do our part, great things can be achieved.

Shakti Fleischer - San Ramon CA

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