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Q1 2021 GreenFriends North America Newsletter
Welcome to the Q1 2021 GreenFriends newsletter!

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This edition includes an excerpt from the Amma’s "Man and Nature", more interesting personal experiences with nature from devotees, tips on taking care of houseplants, a follow-up to Turtle Stories of the Amrita Nature Sanctuary, plus Kid’s Corner.

Even through much of North America is deep in the throes of winter while the pandemic marches on, Amma says we can make a spring season blossom all around us:

These days many people live as if lost in a deep, dark forest, waiting with hope to be delivered by the first rays of sunshine….We may feel the outside world remains shrouded in darkness. However, such times present the best opportunity to light the lamp within us and dispel that external darkness with our inner light. May everyone continue to try to light that inner flame.

GreenFriends strives to communicate the importance of treating Nature with respect and gratitude. We invite each of you Green Friends to share your ideas and experiences with your own gardening efforts as well as experiences with nature.

Please send your stories, comments and feedback to info@greenfriendsna.org

Amma's Teachings on Man and Nature

Double rainbow at MA Center San Ramon, CA
An excerpt from the booklet, "Man and Nature" comprising questions posed to Amma.

Read what Amma has to say about Man and Nature...


In Support of Prairies and Pollinators
In Support of Prairies and Pollinators
From passionately defending the Amazon rainforest as a child to the stark realization that the ecosystem in her own American backyard was also in need of love and attention, this writer shares small steps we can take locally to protect and preserve the Nature around us.

Read a MA Center Chicago resident’s take on prairie restoration…


Nurturing Well-Being with Mother Nature's Love

Nurturing Well-Being with Mother Nature's Love
Mother Nature, like any loving mother, has ways to nurture us even through difficult times. Winter is a time when many suffer from depression and isolation which may be especially compounded by COVID this year.

Read about one devotee’s suggestions on steps we can take to nurture and uplift ourselves with Mother Nature’s Love...


Houseplant Care: Tips from Chicago

Pointsettia on the windowsill
In response to the article The Healing Benefits of the Humble Houseplant, in our Fall 2020 newsletter, a resident of the Chicago ashram adds her thoughts and tips on enhancing your space with houseplants.

Read more about her experiences with taking care of houseplants…


Ventures in Caring for Mother Nature

Trenchin at DC ashram
Although 2020 only gave GreenFriends DC enough time for one group project, that didn’t stop devotees from continuing their individual efforts for a more sustainable world.

Read how several of Amma’s DC children and AYUDH made contributions to Nature last year…


Turtle Stories Part II

Kurma the turtle
In the Summer 2020 newsletter, we introduced you to Kurma the turtle living at the Amrita Nature Sanctuary and Organic Garden. As a baby turtle, he would come to eat snacks directly from Sarvaga’s hand.

Read the rest of the story about Sarvaga and the turtles


Kid's Corner: Green Conversations with an 8 Year-Old

Kid's Corner: Green Conversations with an 8 Year-Old
Enjoy a glimpse of the world through a child’s eyes, in this sweet interview with an 8-year old boy.

Read the Interview with Nicolas…


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