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Q2 2022 GreenFriends North America Newsletter
Welcome to the Q2 2022 GreenFriends newsletter!

Download the Q2 2022 newsletter in PDF format

This edition includes another excerpt from Amma’s Man and Nature; an interactive workshop series where we can learn to grow vegetables alongside the instructors; how chickens helped rescue a devotee from depression; an update from the Southern California Embracing The Trees effort; and an interview with the baker of Nature Cakes.

Spring marches on towards summer! It's time to plant, if you haven't done so already. As crazy as the world gets, there is always a choice to be happy. Amma says:

Whether we laugh or cry, the days are anyway going to pass by. So why not choose to laugh?

GreenFriends strives to communicate the importance of treating Nature with respect and gratitude. We invite each of you Green Friends to share your ideas and experiences with your own gardening efforts as well as experiences with nature.

Please send your stories, comments and feedback to info@greenfriendsna.org

Amma's Teachings on Man and Nature

Amma's Teachings on Man and Nature
It is the duty of human beings to serve and take care of Nature. In return, Nature will return all the good

Excerpted from Man and Nature, Amma talks about how far we have strayed from living in harmony with nature and puts this into context with stories from the past. Read her teachings on Man and Nature...


Grow As We Go: Amritaculture Workshop Series
Grow As We Go
From the basics to the advanced, this interactive workshop led by a panel of seasoned gardeners and devotees, is dedicated to strengthening your connection to your garden and spirituality.

Read about the Amritaculture Grow As We Go workshops...


Hens, Seva, Eco-Friendly Living and Fun

Chickens chowing down
In this article, a devotee shares how her unique seva helped lift her from depression.

Read about how she takes care of hens in an urban setting....


Joyful Tree Adventures in Southern California

The SoCal ETT team
Embracing the Trees in Southern California has joined in Amma’s pledge to support the UN’s Trillion Tree campaign.

Read the latest updates from the Southern California ETT effort...

Nature Cakes as Art - An Interview with Sonali

Sonali works on a nature cake
Combining a love for both nature and cakes, an AYUDH member tells us a bit more about her creative passion.

Read the interview with Sonali on her Nature Cakes...

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