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Let Our Hands Be God's Hands

Message from Amma

The entire world looks up to those who have the heart to do selfless service. While the modern world teaches selfishness, nature always teaches us to live in harmony with our fellow human beings and nature. God takes care of those who serve both humanity and nature.” - Amma

Amma with little boys

“May all my children be able to do something good for the world... May we all become the hands of God.

Amma shared a story for emphasis:

In a village, there was a beautiful statue of a Mahatma with outstretched arms. On a plaque, beneath the statue, these words were inscribed, "Come into my arms."

Over the years, the arms broke off. The villagers loved the statue and were very upset. They gathered together to try to decide what to do. Some suggested that the statue should be taken down. Others objected, saying that new arms should be made.

But, finally, an old man stood up and said, "No. Don’t worry about making new arms. Leave it without arms."

The other villagers responded, "But what about the plaque underneath? It says, ‘Come into my arms'."

The old man replied, "No problem. Just below the words ‘Come into my arms,’ you should add, ‘by letting me work through your hands'."

We must become the hands, eyes and ears of God. Our inspiration, strength and courage must come from God. Then, fear, doubt and sin will never stain us.

The sun does not require candlelight. Similarly, God needs nothing from us. Sooner or later, the body will perish. Therefore, isn’t it better for it to wear out from activity than to let it rust away from lack of use? Otherwise, what’s the difference between people and worms?

Worms also eat, sleep, reproduce and eventually die. What more are we doing with our lives?

Children, whether or not God exists might be a source of debate. Whatever be the case, no rational person can ever say that suffering humanity does not exist; we can see suffering with our own eyes. Amma considers service to such people to be the worship of God. Amma prays that this self-sacrificing attitude awakens in her children. May the world come to realize through all of you that the waters of love, compassion, selflessness and sacrifice have not dried up in human hearts.

Amma feeding and kissing a cow
Om Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi


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