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Volunteers have been raising bees organically at Amma's Canadian ashram in Toronto since 2009.

The honeybees are such an inspiration to all of us who have the joy and privilege of working with them. Their alertness, patience, intelligence, dedication, adaptability and group consciousness amazes us each time we interact with them. We are honoured to work with these incredible creatures who are vital to our food supply and all ecosystems.

Last spring was exceptional. By Amma's Grace, all of our five hives survived the very long, cold winter extremely well. In fact, we found the colonies so healthy and abundant with bees that we have begun to split them to make four additional hives for a total of nine. 

Each year, the bees have provided us with ample honey. Members of the satsang relish the honey for its distinct flavour.  Above all, devotees respect the honey as Amma's prasad. Every few years, we hold workshops to train newcomers in beekeeping. Our beekeeping team is also growing. It is a wonderfully enthusiastic and diverse group of people who all have a keen desire to serve the bees. 

Beekeeping seva is our way of showing respect for Mother Nature, by striving to ‘bee’ the best stewards for her hardworking pollinators, the honeybees. By their example, the bees in turn show us how to interact with each other with greater harmony.

Our property on Trafalgar Road consists of fourteen acres which, since 2008, has had no chemical fertilizers or pesticides applied to the soil. Instead, a cover crop has been applied so that in the course of the years all the chemicals have been used up. At one corner of the land, a vegetable garden has been started; over half an acre. We grow tomatoes, zucchini, squash, onions, garlic, okra, potatoes, green and yellow beans, to name a few. Volunteers of all ages, as young as five, love to get their hands in the soil and care for the plants as they blossom and grow. 

The property on Trafalgar Road

Every year at the July Amma program in Toronto we sell salads made up of lettuce and sprouts fresh from the garden! We utilize the produce to cook meals for soup kitchens and also sell to people who come to the satsangs.

In 2010 a fruit orchard was planted by volunteers with over three hundred fruit trees such as apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, gooseberries. 


In Georgetown, Ontario, we’ve teamed up with the local food bank since 2009.

In addition to using the garden’s organic produce to prepare fresh meals for the Georgetown Breadbasket Soup Kitchen, the Toronto Satsang has connected with "Feeding Halton" which is a collaboration of social service organizations and the nearby agricultural community - with the aim of distributing more organic produce to people in need. Feeding Halton serves about 40,000 people in the Halton area.

In June 2015, volunteers will be participating in a new soup kitchen initiative in downtown Toronto.

Dedicated and skilled volunteers maintain a beautiful flower garden throughout the summer and fall months creating a kaleidoscope of shrubs, annuals, perennials and native wildflowers.

Our Toronto volunteers have planted more than one thousand trees in parks and urban areas. We  continue to participate as a group in the Evergreen Society to plant trees in urban areas and to ensure that native species are chosen. This project happens across the country, and in Ontario, focuses on protecting and rehabilitating Ontario’s streams and wetlands through education and community action.'

Some of our work has been in the Lower Humber River Marshes as well as the Lower Don Valley. In 2005, we adopted the "Newcastle Park" in Brampton, Ontario and volunteers have been assisting with the maintenance and litter cleanup of the park bi-annually in spring and fall.

We also volunteer with the yearly Halton Community Cleanup. Our volunteers have taken up the cleaning of the parking lot near 401 at Trafalgar Rd. in the Halton Hills area near the ashram.  We are currently looking into expanding our community cleanup program. Several devotees grow tulsi plants for Amma’s July Program in Toronto every year. The seeds are blessed by Amma and are grown with tender loving care.



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